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Creating Mood

Near Pienza, ItalyA country road in Tuscany, rising sun through morning fog, a quiet walk to town

Our best images are much more than simply good composition in good light. Our best images are successful because they evoke an emotional response in our viewers; transporting them back to a place and time, allowing them to experience a moment in the same way we did as the photographer. To truly succeed, our images need to resonate with the viewer in this way. The mood created by or within an image helps to set up the viewer’s response to an image, making them more receptive to the visual message you are trying to convey. Explore this idea a bit more in the accompanying video

The Lightroom Range Mask

Revealing form and texture in your images

Road to Terrapile

For most of the time its been around, the local adjustment tools in Adobe Lightroom have paled in comparison to the power and precision of the comparable masking and adjustment tools in Photoshop. Lightroom’s attraction has always been its intuitive ease of use. The gap between Lightroom and Photoshop noticeably narrowed with the introduction of the Range Mask feature added to the local adjustment tools. It’s now much easier to quickly make very precise and refined selections for your local adjustments within Lightroom, and as is typical of Lightroom the process is simple and very intuitive.

In this video tutorial, we take a deep dive into using Range Masks with local adjustments in subtle ways to enhance three-dimensional form and texture in your images. In the video below explores the power of this powerful easy-to-use tool.

However, before we get to the video, this needs to be said: despite the power of these tools, they are just tools; incapable of any artistic expression on their own.

That's the photographer's job.

All the elements that make strong images must be present first: good visual design, light, and a sense of the moment. All this, or any other post-processing tool can do is refine what is all ready there

If you would like to learn more about using the tools to strengthen the visual elements of your images using the Range Mask and all the other tools available in Lightroom, check out my online course:

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